LoomVue Sneak Peak


LoomVue Chrome browser extension window on a page with English text and some words flipped into Spanish.
Figure 1: A Smithsonian webpage is shown with the LoomVue Browser Extension window open and Vocabulary Learning Mode enabled. LoomVue has flipped many of the natively English words into Spanish. Mousing over the flipped word criatura shows the original English word creature in a tooltip. Tooltip icons can be used to play the sound of the target language word, favorite to the word to study later, or report an error. Users can modify the appearance of the flipped words (e.g., change their color, make them italics), toggle the extension on/off entirely or for a specific website, change the source and target language, and modify other settings as described below.

Vocabulary Learning Mode

Figure 2: List of words that were Favorited when reading. Words can be studied using Flashcards or quiz questions available on the Practice tab. Progress is based on points earned answering questions correctly.
Figure 3: Practice example quiz question. Question types vary. This example shows an audio prompt and multiple choice answer with feedback (millas was incorrectly chosen first, after which artículo was correctly chosen). Other question types require learners to type in the correct word, with prompts if they need help.
Figure 4: Dashboard showing user’s time spent reading and studying vocabulary words per day, as well as key metrics such as Words Mastered and Points Earned. Users can view data for the past week or month. Teachers can view Dashboard information for each student in one of their classes.

Aided Reading Mode

Figure 5: Natively Spanish NASA website with Aided Reading Mode enabled. Many of the more difficult words are flipped back into English, given a novice learner a better chance of understanding the article with less frustration. Words can also be listened to or favorited for later study.

Machine Translation and Alignment Engine

Product Roadmap



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