LoomVue as a Web App

Cost of GPUs

Our machine translation engine relies heavily on expensive GPUs to provide advanced, immediate translation. That immediacy created difficulties as a browser extension, but our new web app system instead allows teachers to upload their own content to be translated and shared with their students. Because the content is added ahead of time, we can rely on slower and cheaper GPUs, helping to reduce our costs without reducing quality. This in turn reduces costs for our teachers to continue to provide high-quality, equitable instruction.

Installation, Privacy, & Security

As we are committed to upholding the privacy and security of all users, and especially our vulnerable education-based customers, we needed a solution that promoted the protection of our users’ data. Laws regulating the privacy and security of browser extensions are particularly complex due to the extension’s access to every website a student uses. Moving away from a browser extension helped us ensure regulatory compliance and security for all users. Additionally, our previous model did not create a smooth implementation for the technology specialists of schools and districts, which hindered adoption into the classroom.

User Experience

In the end, it is the teachers and students at the heart of language learning that are our most important stakeholders. To this end, we have prioritized educator feedback to create our edtech tool as a web app promoting ease-of-use to reduce teachers’ workloads and increase student engagement. While the browser extension version of LoomVue struggled to provide meaningful language support on “every possible website,” our new system allows teachers to upload their own curricular content that is most critical to their students. Our web app model has also allowed us to integrate reading comprehension questions and classroom management features more directly than could be done in a browser extension. Teachers can create assignments that are viewed alongside the reading, helping students to refer to the text as they complete comprehension exercises.



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