From the Seed of an Idea: Introducing LoomVue’s UX Designer

The Seed

As a professor of IT, Derek has taught a number of classes on human-computer interaction and design during his time at BYU, often assigning semester-long projects based on a creative prompt. Several years ago, the class prompt challenged the class to create a technology solution related to a religious text, The Book of Mormon. Of course, as a linguistics major, Diana drew from her experience of language-learning to imagine a multilingual project: What might the reading experience be like, she wondered, if the text were interactive and provided supplemental foreign language information just in time for the reader to learn it? And what if the frequency of vocabulary impacted the language in which it was presented?

The Idea

Later, Derek found that diglot weave readers, as they are traditionally known, have been a language learning tool for some time, but their digital counterparts are still burgeoning. Over time, Derek, Grant Rowberry, and David Wingate become the original team members of LoomVue, developing the idea into a fully-fledged web app for English language learners. Over the past year, Diana’s linguistics background has introduced additional considerations and concepts as the goals and features of LoomVue have evolved.

Growing Forward

We are grateful to have Diana as well as additional team members helping to propel the development and commercialization of our educational tool for English language learners. Recently we’ve had the opportunity to connect with educators and administrators at conferences across the country, and we can’t wait to launch our newest round of pilot programs with our partners in various schools and organizations. Moving forward, LoomVue will continue to branch out and innovate as we discover the most effective ways to support learners in their language goals–and all because of a single class project for a class called IT 355.



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