We are thrilled to announce that we have received a Phase II SBIR grant from the U.S. Department of Education’s Institute for Education Sciences (IES) for $900,000! It is a wonderful validation of the work completed during Phase I and the potential for LoomVue to revolutionize English Language Learning in middle and high schools. We are excited to continue our collaboration with WestEd who will be conducting a full-scale evaluation as part of the Phase II grant.

Check out our video summary of our Phase I work, which also introduces some exciting new priorities for Phase II including a mobile app.

As academics and entrepreneurs, our LoomVue team places a high value on evidence-based research. Creating a language learning product that sells is a necessary, but not sufficient condition for success. We also require that it is an effective way to learn a language as measured by independent and objective evaluators…

Learning a language is a monumental task. It requires mastery of an alphabet, grammar, vocabulary, pronunciation, and even aspects of a culture. While all of these elements are critical, learning enough words to communicate effectively (i.e., vocabulary acquisition) is the most important. …

Products evolve. Business plans change. And startups pivot. In the end, the people behind an endeavor shape its destiny far more than its current heading. As our team embarks on this exciting journey together, we are excited to leverage our unique strengths, shared values, and common drive to do something…


Creating AI-powered software that supports language learning anywhere on the web

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